“I began using ProfitProAG organic seed treatments (Organic PCPB + OSI) several years ago.  For 2019 soybeans, I planted 1.5 acres of non-treated by accident (forgot to add treatment to the seed box). All seed was the same and planted on the same day.  The ground was the same type of soil, same rotations, and within a hundred yards of the treated soybeans.  Both fields had just been in a diverse cover crop that had been inoculated for bacteria. The fields looked very promising and healthy throughout the year however, I began to notice more blooms and more pods on the treated soybeans.  The proof was at harvest.  The non-treated field averaged 40 bushel an acre and the treated 56 bushel per acre.   At $18 a bushel for organic beans the added expense was well worth it.” 

Steve B. (Kansas)